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Moving out of your home

Moving out

You must give us four weeks’ notice in a signed letter or complete a notice to terminate tenancy form. Your contract will end on the Sunday of the fourth week. You must return your keys by midday the following Monday. Sometimes, we may be able to vary this arrangement, for instance if you are moving to another of our properties.

If you are a joint tenant, only one tenant needs to give notice – if the other joint tenant wants to stay, they will need to ask their housing officer for advice.

During the four weeks’ notice period, we will ask you to let us inspect your property. If we identify any works or repairs including decoration which is your responsibility we will ask you to put this right. If you don’t we will charge you for this work.

Tenants leaving their homes are offered a £150 incentive to remove all belongings and clean the property before they go. The Spick and Span scheme ensures we spend less money clearing items left behind and cleaning empty properties. More importantly, the scheme allows us to make properties available for those in need of  a new home more quickly.
When a tenancy ends, it is the tenant’s responsibility to clear the property of all possessions and leave the property in good condition.

Moving out checklist

Before returning your keys please make sure that you:

After you leave

If you leave the property with damage, you will be charged for repairs and replacements. Make sure your rent is paid to the end of your contract, including the notice period. Most landlords ask for references from your previous accommodation, and you will find it difficult to find another property if you owe us money. You could also face court action.

You can find more information in the relevant section of your handbook (see below).

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