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Mutual exchange

A mutual exchange occurs when one tenant swaps their tenancy with another tenant. It is possible for a housing association tenant to swap their tenancy with another housing association or council tenant both within the same area and in other parts of the country.

Finding a mutual exchange means that you will not have to wait for months on a housing transfer list and you get to choose the house you want yourself.

You have a right to exchange tenancies, subject to a few simple rules. When an exchange takes place, the tenancies are ‘assigned’. This is a legal term and means that each tenant takes over the existing rights and obligations of the other’s tenancy. If you swap your home with another tenant you take on responsibility for any defects or repairs which are the tenant’s responsibility.

When you have found an exchange partner you must apply to us for permission to exchange. You must not exchange your home without getting permission first. We will then take you through the process of completing your exchange.

We will only refuse permission for a limited number of reasons:

You can find out more by visiting the Homeswapper website. There is also a mutual exchange book in the office and you can Contact us to ask to see the book or adding your name to the list of people seeking an exchange.

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