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Equality and diversity

Quote We aim to provide a high standard of service sensitive to differing needs, language or culture. Quote

Kaleidoscope is the East Midlands Housing (EMH) Group's "branding" for its Equality and Diversity Strategy.

The initiative, which was  approved by the EMH Group Board of Management in March 2003 and has been taken on by all its subsidiaries, grew from the concept of a kaleidoscope being made up of different shapes, sizes and colours coming together to form a constantly changing group of bright or interesting objects.

In the same way, the society we all live in and the communities we serve are made up of people from different age groups, cultures and religions with a range of changing needs and abilities.

Kaleidoscope aims to define the diverse range of people and needs we serve and put in place policies and procedures to ensure that we monitor how we work, eliminate discrimination and promote community cohesion and equality of opportunity.

We aim to provide a high standard of service sensitive to differing needs, language or culture.

The EMH Group, and its members, decided to "brand" work in this area to ensure that it raised the profile of this important issue and to, over time, help embed this philosophy in the organisation to make it part of everything it does.

The group's values include: "Diversity - We will promote equality and the fair treatment of all customers, partners and employees."

The concept of equality and diversity is a significant move away from 'equal opportunities' which was an acknowledgement that different people had to be given the right of equal treatment.  Equality and diversity recognises that difference in itself is an object to be valued.

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